CoinoCards.com allows users to purchase real world goods using CryptoCurreny.  This could be bitcoin, litecoin, Gulden Coin or Coino Coin.  As a well established business you can trust we will deliver in a quick and professional manner.

Why do we recommend payment in Coino or Gulden?

Bitcoins transfer fees make it uneconomical to make purchases using the coin.  We recommend that you simply trade your Bitcoin for another coin with a lower transaction fee.  Both Coino and Gulden meet this requirement well.  Both coins have supported the development of CoinoCards.com.  We are proud to accept them.

Plus, its rather fun to trade Coino or Gulden.  See below on how to start trading.

How do you make a purchase?

Select the gift cards or merchandise you want and add it to your cart.  Checkout of the store.  We will email you a wallet address.  Once you make payment, your order will be processed.

Can I receive gift cards electronically?

Many gift cards work online.  While we offer physical cards we can send you photos of the card immediately upon payment so that you can use the card online.  When we send the card electronically, we do not mail the physical card.

I need Coino – where do I get it?

Coino (CNO) is traded on the Cryptopia Exchange:

Please make a Cryptopia account.  You can fund it with a variety of coins and trade them to Coino.  Then, when its time to pay us, you can simply withdraw Coino to the address we provide.  You can also take the extra step of installing a Coino wallet – but it isn’t needed to make purchases here.

What is the Value of Coino & Gulden Coin?

We have set our prices based on Coino trading at 50 satoshi’s, Gulden Coin at 1650 satoshi’s and Bitcoin trading at $12,000 CAD.  From time to time we adjust these rates.  You will note that Coino is currently trading for under 50 satoshi so you can find some excellent bargains on our site.